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July 2006

A peanut is neither a 'pea' nor a 'nut' - discuss.

Test Run has always offered top notch support through its private and secure help ticketing system. But as Test Run grows in popularity so does the need for community assisted support, and for collective wisdom to accumulate. A closed help ticket system does not permit that.

So we at Test Run have put together a Test Run Discussion Forum for all of our users to use - to ask questions, search for answers and to engage with fellow Test Run users.

If you have a question, try asking on the forums first. I will be there answering questions, so you will get the same level of support, but the good news is that if someone later has the same question you did, they won't have to ask it - they can just look at the answer.

Test Run Beta Update

Many users ask us about the roadmap for the Test Run Beta, and when we will begin accepting paying for Test Run. So we wanted to take a moment and answer the most common questions up front right here on the Test Run blog so that the answers are available to everyone.

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New Dashboard and Advanced Filtering

Despite having not posted any updates to this blog about Test Run releases, they have been happening. We have been iterating on Test Run quickly in order to continue to flush out bugs and tighten up the application. The recent release was significant enough however to warrant an announcement.

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About Byrne Reese

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Byrne Reese is a product manager by day and an engineer by night.

He conceived of Test Run to help project managers like him stay up to date and informed of what his team was working on.