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April 2008

Test Run 1.1 Beta Finally Begins

Welcome the new version of Test Run: 1.1. Behind the scenes the product has undergone a great deal of change in the last twelve months and I am finally pleased enough with what has accumulated to release the first public beta.

More Information about this release:

Finding Help and Reporting Bugs

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure what I found is a bug, should I still report it?

We want to hear any thoughts you may have about the application. Perhaps what you have found is not a bug, but if it doesn't work the way you want it to then something could be improved. So please, be sure to inform us if:

  • an error occurs
  • if the application appears slow
  • you receive a javascript error
  • you have a feature request

Do you have special support for Jira and other bug tracking systems?

Support for Bugzilla is almost complete. However before it is released, we wanted to finalize the developer interfaces between Test Run and the bug system driver with more thorough and public testing.

Next on the list to support is Jira because of the overwhelming number of requests we have received for it.

How long will the beta last?

Our hope is to wrap up the beta as soon as possible.

Can I subscribe to Test Run during the beta?


Preparing for the Test Run 1.1 Beta

Test Run 1.1 has been in development for a very, very long time. I admit. But the pay off will be worth it as there is a lot in this release to look forward to, and virtually all of it is the result of direct feedback from you - my users.

So, some time next week or two I hope to launch a beta of the next version of Test Run. I would like to first extend the opportunity to users of the downloadable version of Test Run to try it out and after an initial round of feedback and testing, roll it out to everyone using the online version.

If you would like to get a preview of this upcoming version of Test Run, drop me a line, and I will happily provide you with a copy.

For a complete list of enhancements that have been made in Test Run 1.1 to date, keep reading.

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Byrne Reese is a product manager by day and an engineer by night.

He conceived of Test Run to help project managers like him stay up to date and informed of what his team was working on.