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Customers frequently ask if Test Run could one day in the future support hierarchical test cases. It is a feature that is definitely on the roadmap, but its implementation would be pretty hairy, so I have honestly been putting it off. But it occurred to me that the feature may already exist in a latent form.

If you have used Test Run than you are familiar with a "Product" property associated with test cases. It is a property I added, but I never developed any *features* around because it was clear that some form of test case segmentation was needed, but it was unclear how it might be used. So this feature exists, but does not provide any benefit to users.

It occurs to me however, that this feature could easily be used to segment test cases into *test suites*. Then a slight UI change could easily be introduced to group and display test cases by test suite as opposed to in a strict reverse chronological order.

I would love to hear from users what they think of this idea and whether they currently use the Product field for anything. Let me know!


The tags certainly have their use, but establishing parent-child test cases would be extremely valuable. Rather than spending time manually moving test cases into the order I need in a test plan, parent-child relationships (or sequential required) test cases could automatically sequence themselves based on the defined pre-req test case(s).

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